Welcome Vendors!

One of the attractions and values of the British Motorcar Festival is our Vendor or “British Marketplace” where we hope to present a wide array of British and British-Like products and service providers.  British NOS Spares; Motoring Accessories; Model British Motorcar Cars; British Automotive Books; Tyres; Tool Kits; Picnicking Accessories; Motoring Fashion; Event Regalia; and Restoration Services, to name a few.  For Ladies Hats, Jewelry, Crafts, and Fashion name a few. Local area quality craft Vendor are welcome to join the festivities.  In addition we hope to present a wide area if Food and Beverage to satisfy the pallets of our attendees, both young and old.  

Vendors Space is available either in open field positions that are twenty feet (20’) of frontage to the show grounds and 20 Feet (20’) in depth or within the Vendor Tent.  If you require the use of a generator, you will need to advise us, and it will need to be of the “Super quiet” variety.  There will be a dumpster provided and all vendors are required to leave their assigned spaces and the field clear of any debris.  Any support vehicles that do not fit within your assigned space shall be parked in the Vendor/Staff Parking Area and said vehicles shall display the Parking Pass issue them.  

Vendor Space within the Vendor Tent is available in full space of twenty Feet (20”) or half-spaces of ten feet (10’) of frontage with a depth of fifteen feet. (15’). All support vehicles shall be parked in the Vendor/Staff Parking Area and said vehicles shall display the Parking Pass issue them.  

If you require separate Tent, Generator, or Table Rentals we can help.

All outside Vendor Spaces will be set-up and marked-out by end of day Thursday with a sign indicating the assigned vendor’s name for each space rented.  


Click here to download Vendor Registration form


Payment Options


  • Mail: You may pay by mailing in a check with your registration form made payable in USD to British Motorcar Festival


The British Motorcar Festival

c/o Paula Gaetano

6 Pendulum Pass

Hopkinton, MA 01748

Food Vendors

We do not accept mail in registration for food vendors. If you are an interested food vendor please contact the event coordinator:

Michael F. Gaetano



Motorcar Productions, LLC

TEL: 508-395-6663

FAX: 781-237-6811