By popular demand, the Bristol Hidden Highway Hundred Rally will be offered once again as the kickoff event of the 2017 British Motorcar Festival.   

For 2017, the Hidden Highway Hundred will charter a New route that will take in Newport, Jamestown and South Kingstown.  The tour will include lunch for two en route.  Each entry will receive route driving instructions, drivers meeting protocols, interesting site specific flyers, Touring Paraphernalia including a commemorative Tour License Plate, and options for post luncheon activities.  We will also offer an optional dinner stop in Bristol for Thursday evening.  Tour Members will depart from Colt State Park at 8:30 AM on Thursday June 8th.  We will need to cap the number of cars on tour so please do register early

This will be a pre-registered ONLY event, so that we can plan for lunch, and produce the needed collateral materials to include personalized name badges and windscreen car cards, rally license plates, lunch tickets, and then plan for lunch, wine service, and order rally completion ribbons for the entrants. Optional post rally dinner at the Lobster Pot Restaurant, Bristol.


Thursday, June 8th 2017

The Bristol Hidden Highway Hundred Rally



Friday, June 9th 2017

British Motorcar Festival Weekend Begins


  • Vendor Registration Pick Up
Vendors can claim their Registration Packages and name badges starting at 10:00 AM at the Registration Area in the Big Tent at Colt State Park.


  • British Motorcar Registration Pick Up
British Motorcar Registrants for the Concours d’Elegance, British Classic, and Car Corral can claim their Registration Packages and name badges starting at 12:00 Noon at the Registration Area in the Big Tent at Colt State Park. Registration will be open till 6:00 PM. Please note this is a Pre-Registered ONLY Motorcar Show (registration deadline is June 1st). We will not be registering any new entries on Friday or Saturday for the weekend for car show entry or vendor participation. Our focus will be on providing the best service we can for those who have pre-registered for the weekend. This is a Rain or Shine Motorcar Festival.


A collection of British Companies and vendors selling British, and British-inspired products and services. Hard to find car spares, motoring accessories, British food, Regalia, and more.
  • British Car Corral Open to Registrants
An opportunity to buy or sell a British Motor Car or Motorcycle. "For Sale" signs are NOT allowed on the show field. You may place a car for sale in the Car Corral, but in so doing, it cannot compete for honors on the show field.


  • Explore Bristol Fun Rally
Explore Bristol has organized a self-guided scavenger hunt through town. If you follow this tour and answer the questions provided to you with your Registration Package correctly you may just win a prize.


  • Concours Reception
A special reception for the owners of the British motorcars that have been selected for judging in the Concours d’Elegance.



  • Registrants Reception located in the Queen's Court on the Show Grounds at Colt State Park

Enjoy cocktails while mingling with other British Motorcar Festival registrants. Name badges are required. Be sure to bring your drink tickets included in your registration package.


  • We will leave Colt State Park in a procession (5:45pm) to Independence Park in Downtown Bristol by Narragansett Bay and close to the shops, restaurants, and local watering holes where you will be greeted with reserved parking at the park and British Invasion music for the evening. If we run out of parking space at the park we will have two overflow parking areas held in reserve.  The winners of the Explore Bristol Fun Rally (see above) will be announced and prizes presented at Independence Park. 


  • Friday Night Street Party with British Invasion Music (open to general public)
 If your club is interested in arranging a special Friday Evening Dinner the Merchants Association and Chamber of Commerce will help you to secure the ideal location. 

Saturday, June 11th 2016

British Motorcar Show and Competitions


  • Show Field Opens to Registrants
We start the day with your arrival and the parking of your motorcar by class in the Concours d’Elegance ( Judged Competition), or the British Classic Motorcar Show (People’s Choice). If your objective is to sell your motorcar then you have signed up for our British Car Corral. New!! – We present “The British Racing Paddock” for British Racing Motorcars.
  • British Motorcar Club Displays
The event will provide FREE Space for any British Motorcar Club looking to set-up a hospitality tent to attract New Members and promote their club. The Club who sets up the Best British Car Club Display may just win an award. If your club is selling merchandise then you need to register as a Vendor and be located in the British Marketplace.
To feature, recognize, and honor the heritage of British Motorcars in Racing we are creating or very own “British Racing Paddock” exclusively for British Racing Motorcars to be on display. Each Entrant in this special category will receive an Entrant Ribbon from the weekend and one lucky entrant just might qualify for a “Special Award”.
For those seeking to purchase a brand New British motoring Classic.
In addition to the British wares offered on Friday there will also be a cadre of food and beverage provided to satisfy you pallet and whet your whistle.
  • British Car Corral


  • Show Field Opens to General Public


  • Concours D'Elegance Judging begins


  • Arrival of the Queen
Our very own Queen will make her entrance in her horse drawn Coronation Carriage with royal cannon salute.




We have judges who will canvas the grounds of the show area in search of the Best examples of British Attire among car Show Registrants and Guests, and members of the general public. The Lucky Group of eight(8) Winners will be chosen as the Best of the Best out of close to twenty possible categories. Winners will be presented with a Notice which they will surrender at our awards ceremony for a Special Award and have their picture taken with other winners. Categories might include: Most Humorous; Most British; Best Hat; Best Youth Costume; Best Kilt; Best Famous Brit; and others too numerous to mention. Please note this is a separate event from the Ladies Hat Competition.







  • Show Field Closes


  • Reception Dinner at the Bristol Yacht Club.  Pre-Ticketed guests only.

Sunday, June 12th 2016

Sunday Fun Day


  • Sunday Morning Drive
Sunday starts with a Sunday Morning Drive that will depart from the Town of Bristol Parking Lot at Colt State Park at 8:30 AM. This will be a self guided back roads tour that will end at the show field. (60 minute run time)
  • Show Field Opens to Registrants and Guests (name badges required)
Participating cars are to be parked on show field by color for Competition of Colors. 




  • Winner's Drive-By
First Place Winners in the British Classic from Saturday. Winning Motorcars will receive a special collector’s ribbon and their owners will be afforded an opportunity to tell the public about their motorcars. Concours winners are also encouraged to participate.




  • Competition of Colors Awards Presentation


  • Show Field Closes
After an extended weekend of fun, relaxation, enjoying fine food and beverages, shopping, sailing, polishing your British Classic, and exploring a New Jewel, namely Bristol, Rhode Island. It’s time to head for home and make plans to join us in September, in Stowe, Vermont for the 25th year of the British Invasion Weekend

General Admissions

Adult General Admission (Saturday & Sunday): $15

Adult General Admission (Sunday Only): $10

Child General Admission (under age 12): Free

General Admission Parking (benefiting charity): $5/per car 



General Public Show Field Hours

Saturday 9:00-5:00PM

Sunday 9:00AM-3:30PM

Come dressed in British-inspired attire on Saturday and be entered into our British Attire Competition!