Registration Fees and Options

British Classic Motorcar Show Registration

(people's choice)

  • Registration Deadline: May 28th, 2018
  • $65/car
  • Includes registrant & spouse (or 1 guest)
  • Includes accompanying children under age 12

Additional Options

(In Addition to Event Registration Fee)

  • Additional Guests: $25/person
  • Motorcar Corral Registration: $85/person

Concours d'Elegance Registration

(Judged Competition)

  • Registration Deadline: May 25th, 2018
  • $100/car
  • Includes registrant & spouse (or 1 guest)
  • Includes accompanying children under age 12 
  • Includes admission for two 2 to the following events
    • Saturday: British Motorcar Festival, Concours d'Elegance, and all field events plus the gifts of a  Concours d'Elegance participation ribbon, tour plaque, and "meet gift" (for the first 100 that pre-register)
    • Find out more...

When You Arrive at Colt State Park

Pre-registered attendees may pick up registration packages at the Registration Center on Friday between NOON and 5:00 PM.  The Registrants Reception will be between 3:30-5:15PM in the Registration Center.  5:45 PM marks the departure time for a procession from Colt State Park, to Independence park in Downtown Bristol  for the Friday Evening Bristol Street Party, with British Invasion Music and reserved British Motorcar Parking at the Park.  Only cars in the procession will be allowed a reserved parking space at Independence Park.

If you are arriving on Saturday morning there will be a roster of pre-registered attendees at the gate that will gain you access to the Registration Area where your registration package will await you from 8:30 AM till 12:00-NOON. Car access to the Show Field will Close at NOON on Saturday to allow for attendee foot traffic, and the safety of all concerned during People's Choice balloting.

If you are pre-registered and have already received your Registration Package on Friday PLEASE have your Car Card handy and visible on Saturday morning. Your car card will make it possible for field support personnel to quickly and efficiently guide you to your assigned class parking area on the show field. Drive down the LEFT travel lane of your assigned ROW and when you encounter your CLASS Sign park on the next available ORANGE spot. Should you get to the end of your ROW and NOT YET encounter your CLASS Sign or an open parking Spot at the end of the Row TURN RIGHT and travel back up the ROW until you encounter your CLASS Sign or an open spot. Each spot within your class is marked by a bright orange spot on the white row marker line. Please back your car into the spot so that the center of your front bumper is on the orange spot to insure uniform spacing and ample free space within your class.